Fuck Yeah Friday 3

3 weeks in a row for a series! This is totally a record for me, so count that as yet another reason to say FUCK YEAH, FRIDAY! Without further ado…

  1. Jet is being called the new combination of Amazon + Costco, and they’re offering free 3-month trials. Idk about you, but that sounds pretty rocking to me.
  2. These toolboxes from Oh So Beautiful Paper are all sorts of fun. Every designer needs a toolbox for their pretty pens and stuff, right? #bizexpense
  3. Paying taxes sucks, but this guide from the Freelancers Union might take some of the sting out of doing them quarterly!
  4. Crappy clients can suck the life out of you. The always-fabulous Marie Poulin talks about why getting good clients (and only good clients!) is a must do.
  5. No niche? Fizzle talks about why this is a good thing (and I’ve got to agree!)
  6. The Blogging Brew covers group pinterest boards, and how they can help you grow your biz. Love that advice!

Seen more new + noteworthy links this week? Leave em in the comments below!