Fuck Yeah, Friday // No. 2

Fuck Yeah Friday 02 | Lindsay Goldner
Fuck Yeah Friday 02 | Lindsay Goldner

Woo, another Fuck Yeah Friday! This week has been full of business ups and personal downs (weird first date, anyone?) but as always, there’ve been lots of interesting posts in the blogosphere!

  1. An oldie but a goodie from yours truly: branding advice inspired by online dating. Trust me, you’ll learn a lot!
  2. Great example of when design meets a real life need– texting when you miss a birth control pill!
  3. I pretty much want all of these art prints.
  4. Who says home offices have to be boring?
  5. Nobody likes a copycat. How to develop your own unique blogging voice from the Nectar Collective!
  6. By Regina is awesome. Here’s her great take on a creative action plan (aka a business plan that sucks less).

That’s all for today! What’s on your reading list for this weekend, anything juicy?