Look and Feel and a Mini Moodboard: Pop Art

One of the most important things I do with clients is to discuss their ideas for the “look and feel” of their project, whether that’s a website or brand or infographic. The “look” of a project, obviously, refers to the overall visual style– this can include colors, fonts, textures, patterns, graphics, even motion. The “feel” is how you want visitors/viewers to feel– do you want them to be happy? Intrigued? Shocked?

The main reason I create moodboards for clients is so that they can see a visual representation of all of the adjectives/concepts/ideas/themes that we’ve brainstormed. These initial ideas can be anywhere from a more vague “masculine and modern” to something super specific, like “space themed pop art and monochromatic green”! The moodboard just brings the “look” into a visual form, hopefully evoking the desired “feel”(s).

Moodboards are a great way to narrow down inspiration, fine-tune concepts, and see a higher-level reference as you’re creating and expanding a brand. For this mini moodboard, I found images from packaging, art, advertising, and fashion/events to inspire a fun, funky “pop art” theme!

If you could see a moodboard for a concept, what would it be? 

Pop Art

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