Spice Up Your Biz Life

Somehow, we’ve already sped past New Year’s and through January, and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse (or reminder) to spice things up in your love life, or for my fellow singles, to treat yourself to something a little extra special. Why not show your business a little lovin’ tenderness too?

Spice up your biz life via Linz Loves You
Spice up your biz life via Linz Loves You

Sounds tempting and a little bit sexy, right? Good- it’s supposed to! There’s no excuse for neglecting to love up on your brand and your business life once in a while too…otherwise it’ll get stale and boring, just like a neglected love life.

So…how the hell can you spice up your biz life? Just follow along. Seriously, it’s easy.

First off, fill out the form at the bottom of this post to subscribe to the Lindsay Goldner Creative email list. Not only will you get a sexed-up PDF checklist to help you figure out how spicy your biz life is, you’ll also receive my kickass exclusive freebies and business updates that I don’t post anywhere else and be the first to hear about new products + offerings.The PDF a great place to start if you haven’t taken a close look at your brand as a whole and it’s also super handy for making sure you’ve got the essentials covered. When I was making the list, I noticed some things that I needed where I needed to up my own game!

Once you’ve got your checklist all filled out, stay tuned here over the next couple of weeks– I’ll be writing about different ways to spice up your business. Fonts? Check. Colors? Doing it. Copy? Hell yes. I’m covering it all.

Last, leave a comment if you’re so inclined– do you feel like your brand is lukewarm or RED HOT right now? Are you feeling like things have fizzled and you need to kick it up a few notches? Or, where do you struggle most with keeping your brand hot and bothered? I want to know!

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