On Exercise and Fear of the Unknown


Yesterday at the gym, I posted this picture on instagram:
Now, if you follow me on insta at all, you know that that’s a new gym view for me. Usually, I stick to the recumbent bikes- they’re familiar, I don’t fall off of them, they’re not intimidating or filled with the crazy intense athletes. But my friend Michele had challenged the quality of my bike workout earlier in the week, and since it was my fourth day in a row going to the gym, I was feeing a little gutsier than usual.

I walked into the gym, gave the nasty front desk girl a stinkeye to rival hers (god that felt good) and then marched my spandexed booty up the stairs with the appearance of far more confidence than I actually felt. Luckily for me, all of the Precor machines were empty, so I gingerly stepped on one– trying not to move backwards instead of forwards– and hit quickstart, the golden ticket for learning how to use a machine. Got my headphones on, and then started huffing and puffing and OMG THE PAIN. And then some creepy dude decided to use the machine right.next.to.me. But that aside, HOLY WORKOUT, BATMAN! I get why Michele challenged my bike workout- I only went about 2 miles on the Precor, varying the resistance and the incline a bit as I went, but I burned 2x as many calories in 20 minutes and felt totally beastmode by the time I was done.

Moral of the story though? The fear wasn’t quite so bad once I actually got on the damn machine. Sure, I didn’t really know what I was doing, and I’m still not totally sure if I was going forwards or backwards the whole time. I might have accidentally tossed my phone with 2 minutes to go (yeah, any good armband recommendations?) and felt like I was dying during the workout, and my knees feel nothing short of geriatric today. But it’s pretty awesome knowing that that particular fear of the machine was unfounded. It’s all about baby steps, right?

Today is day 5 in working to burn off the carby/holiday weight gain and to try to kick this latest depressive swing to the curb. Apparently you can get seasonal depression even when it’s sunny, damn short days. I’m back around 118/119lbs now that I’ve started working out again, but I’m off the diet coke again, drinking 2+ liters of water a day, and doing the low carb thing. So overall, it’s change for the better.  Yeah, these baby steps feel gigantic…and all I want is a diet coke and a big hunk of fresh bread…but that too shall pass, right?

And most importantly, thanks for following along with me and being so damn supportive! Almost as good as a great sports bra 😉

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