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You might not know this — or be able to tell from my sailor’s mouth and my hardcore Cal football obsession– but I can be quite the girly girl sometimes. For example, I have 20+ bottles of nail polish decorating the surface of my desk right now (I guess I can be a bit of a hoarder, too). As much as I love to get my girly girl glam on, though, I don’t get to treat myself too often: I’ve never had a massage or a spa day, and a mani/pedi is a very rare treat. So when Ciaran and Natalie asked if I was interested in a trying out a new hair extension product called Secret Extensions, getting my first blowout at Salon True , and getting to hang with some of my favorite bloggers for a morning, of course I jumped at the chance!
Explanation: for those of you in less citified areas- a blowout is where you go to a hair salon and they wash and blowdry/style your hair for you. A lot of ladies do this before big events but if I had the cash I’d totally do it on a regular basis. The shampoo head massages are heaven!

First off. Salon True? Total win. I was pampered by Abdon, who was sweet and taught me a little secret about how to get the hard water residue out of my hair (shampoo twice, gals!) and did such a good job with my blowout that it lasted FOUR DAYS. I kid you not.

Then came the real magic– Secret Extensions. Check out the video on their site for a better explanation but in short, they’re temporary extensions attached to a super thin, practically invisible elastic hairband. You just slip the band on like a regular headband, pull some of your own hair through in front, mess it up a little bit, and suddenly you have a whole bunch of extra length and volume that totally feels real. I mean really, just look.

secret extensions via linz loves you
secret extensions via linz loves you

I know. I KNOW. Total movie star transformation (and I look like 5 lbs thinner! What is this magic?!) Clearly, I need to grow my hair longer ASAP.

Back to Secret Extensions though. Just look at all of us ladies with our sexy rexy hair!


So gorgeous, right? And the color tones matched all of our hair colors so well. You know that I don’t recommend things unless I’m in love with them, so here’s the honest to goodness truth- every time I’ve worn my hair down since last week, I’ve worn my extensions. Total self esteem booster, and I may or may not do a bit of Willow Smith-inspired hair whipping as I walk too! It’s just too damn fun not to.

Want to try this magic out for yourself? Good news- they’re crazy affordable. Just $30. That’s like… 7 lattes. Or like 8 gallons of gas here in CA. Or like, a sweatshirt. Plus, if you use the code DAISY, you’ll get free shipping! Get yourself a latte (or another gallon of gas) with the money you saved!

What do you think- are you a long locks kind of gal (or guy)? Or do you prefer to go short and sweet like JLaw? Or shave it allll off?

Disclosure: I received the Secret Extensions + blowout from Salon True for free. All opinions expressed above are my own. 

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