Gift Guide: Entrepreneurs

I’ve always loved window shopping, especially during the holidays when stores have their window displays done up all pretty and festive. Now that there’s Pinterest, it’s like I can window shop from my phone and my computer 24/7, which can be a bit of a dangerous distraction at times. Luckily, I can put it to good use in December and round up some handy gift guides, starting with today’s gift guide for the budding entrepreneur in your life…
Gift guide for entrepreneurs via Linz Loves You

1// Help them keep their desk both organized and in style. {Black & White Gift Set, Poppin}

2// This case combines analog with high tech. Love it! {Cover Slip for iPad 3&4, Moleskine}

3// Never forget a brilliant shower brainstorm again. {Aquanotes Waterproof Notepad, Aquanotes}

4// Backups on the go- just don’t lose your keys! {Lacie PetiteKey, Lacie}

5// No more meeting speakerphone. Dock and talk in style. {Talk Dock, Uncommon Goods}

6// A fancy reminder to be moving forward. {“Hustle” Gold Foil Print, Design Darling}

7// My desk would be covered in these! {To Accomplish Sticky Notes Packets, KnockKnock}

8// Show them who’s boss. {Like a Boss Mug, Urban Outfitters}