Random Thought Roundup

Some days, I feel like I should just make this into a tumblr-style blog. So many random thoughts that aren’t really worthy of a full post, but too long for Twitter (and I can only update Facebook so much without being a total social media jerk.) First world problems, right? It makes sense to put ’em all in a post on here, and who knows? Maybe these will become the most interesting posts on my blog.
// Apparently, the “new” thing for Jewish guys on OkCupid is to start messages with “Shalom!”…I’ve gotten two just this week. Strange, not the least because my religion says “Jewish and laughing about it” on my profile. Maybe it’s their way of showing they’re nice Jewish boys?

// If you haven’t seen them, these reviews on the shoes that Wendy Davis wore for her marathon filibuster in TX last week are absolutely epic (and impressive!)

// According to my friend at BFLA, Los Angeles has what are basically super fleas. Thanks to that, I spent $60 on 3 months of Revolution flea control for Finn…because living in an apartment means that even your indoor cat might get fleas and have an allergy to the little monsters. Poor Finn.

// This song, What About Love by Austin Mahone, totally brings me back to the 90’s and Backstreet Boys vs. N*Sync feuds. Want to feel old? N*Sync formed almost TWENTY years ago in 1995. Yikes.

// Speaking of music, The Heat has a ridiculously good soundtrack… it might even rival cult favorite Office Space (yes, it still feels damn good to be a gangsta.)

// I finished rereading the Game of Thrones series and can’t wait for book 6 and 7. Only problem is, I don’t think I’d read all of the 5th book the first time around, so there were definitely a few “OMGWTF!” moments this time. Hurry up and get those next books done, George!

// Time to invest in this poster set from Division of Labor. Epic –and wonderfully snarky– office decor.

division of labor posters