Tutorial: Use Picmonkey to Make a Twitter Header

Everyone has been abuzz the last couple of days about the new Twitter “header” images and what it means for users. I went on there last night to experiment and learned that it’s actually pretty simple to upload a photo straight from twitter.com, despite all of the panic about having to do it from an ipad/iphone. However, I also learned that Twitter has decided to put a weird gradient on top of the images that you upload so that the bottom 2/3 or so actually darkens up (mostly so that you can read the white bio text on the desktop version). This doesn’t really matter for people putting darker photos or graphics but for anyone like myself, who generally has a cleaner aesthetic, I’m advising people to steer clear of it or figure out a way to have an image that’s darker towards the bottom.
Strange gradients aside, I also came up with a really fun way to do a scrapbook/collage-style header that will be really useful for anyone using Twitter for personal purposes or who wants do display more than one photo in their header but doesn’t have photoshop to create a college in exactly the right dimensions. Check it out:

Twitter Header Example {linz loves you}

  1. The first step is going to be to download the blank twitter header file. Literally, it’s just a blank white file in the specific dimensions specified by twitter (1252 pixels wide by 626 pixels tall).[wpdm_file id=2]
  2. Now, go to PicMonkey. Drag the blank Twitter template you just downloaded onto the top box, “Edit a Photo.”  You’ll get a window that looks exactly like this: 
  3. Here comes the fun (albeit time-consuming) part: under “overlays,” select the box at the top that says “your own.” This will allow you to select photos and other graphic elements from your computer, like free downloads from sites such as Pugly Pixel, that you can add to your header, and then add them and position them onto your header.  You can also use PicMonkey’s built-in overlays, text-features, and effects, like so:
  4. Once you’ve added everything you want to your image, simply click the save button at the top of the page and head back on over to Twitter.
  5. In Twitter, go to “edit profile” under the settings gear (top right corner) and click on design in the left sidebar. 
  6. Scroll partway down the page and where it says “customize your own” click change header, then select the file you just saved from PicMonkey!
  7. Scale as necessary (though you shouldn’t have to, and voila! You now have a twitter photo collage header!


Was this helpful to any of you? If you use this tutorial to make your Twitter headers, leave a comment with a link to your profile in the comments! Those of you who are holding out: is it because you’re resisting the dark gradient like me? I’m hoping that someday we’ll get to have a lighter background…wishful thinking, I know 😉

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  1. Skye @ neathering our fest

    This is cool! I didn’t know what the twitter header was originally but I’m guessing from the last screen shot that it is for the phone profile?? Either way – I will be making one for me! 🙂 Thanks!

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