Oh hai there, n00bs!

Seems like a lot of random things are bringing people to the blog lately according to my stats page, so I thought I’d do one big 90’s-MTV/TRL-style shoutout to everyone:

  • Whaaaazzzuuuuupppp to everyone coming from Rags to Stitches (remember those incredibly annoying ads?) Anyways, fair warning, Alissa is way sweeter and cuter and has less of a potty mouth than I do. So if you’re easily offended, head for the hills. I won’t take it too personally. As for the rest of you who can enjoy design/business/lifestyle interspersed with the language of a salty pirate, pull up a seat. You’ve been warned 😉
  • hayyyyyy gurl to everyone searching for Starbucks drink names. Sounds like I need to revisit that post again for the winter!
  • whoever googled “Angel Geden,” um, she’s awesome, and I hope you’re going to give her lots of money or something. So call her maybe?
  • and at #1 on our countdown, the wtf moment of the day, whoever consistently googles “LinzLoves Ass”? Prepare to be disappointed. There’s not much ass-loving round these parts. Unless it’s hot man ass… then I could be tempted, ha!

So, n00bs, have I totally terrified you yet? Ah, just kidding. Welcome to everyone, and hopefully everyone who started coming around with the #SMCleanse series is still here. I have a couple more posts up my sleeve now that I’m feeling mostly human again (on Fear of Missing out and Social Media Jewish Guilt, definitely not to be missed)– would love to hear how the cleanse is going for those of you who’ve been trying to apply it! I attempted to do a mini cleanse today but my addiction got the better of me.

Talk to me, y’all… how’s social media treating you lately? Any questions I might be able to answer? And new readers, don’t be shy, say hi!

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0 thoughts on “Oh hai there, n00bs!”

  1. haha hilarious post! It’s hilarious how sometimes people find your site huh? I guess my only social media question is are you still on board with Google + as being something useful? I just can’t get into it.

    1. Soooo strange. And honestly, I know some people (who is it, Chris Brogan or Copyblogger?) are still in LOVE with G+ but I can’t seem to get on the bandwagon. I loved it for a day or 2, and I know that because google owns it it’s supposed to be great for your SEO, but it just seems like one more thing… and everyone just ends up cross-posting there too. It’s nothing new (content-wise, anyways). Same for you?

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