More Redesign Progress!

Well, the redesign and relaunch is inching along sloooowly but surely- mostly because I totally underestimated how much I needed to do. I jumped into this thinking I’d just do a site and cards again but ooooh no: I’m doing a site, cards, invoices, and so.much.more. See that fabulous signpost graphic below? Other than the fact that I spent about 3 hours on it tonight (whoopsies), it’s also the “table of contents” graphic for my client brand discovery workbook, which is a totally custom workbook that I’ve been developing for all of my branding clients… definitely a bit more work to get done than just designing a logo before I get the relaunch done! But I’ve been having fun with that part of the design. It’s all the crazy numbers and business stuff that I tend to get hung up on, so it’s been a big learning experience, and every day is a new challenge- and that’s one of the best parts about being a small business owner! Huge props to Marie Forleo’s videos for keeping me sane (well, relatively) and motivated through this process- I’m not sure if I want to marry her or work with her more! Girl has it going on!

By the way, LLY Designs is currently in the “Emperor’s New Clothes” state, but I am booking out through the end of 2012 (!!) so please don’t hesitate to email me with inquiries or to reserve your start date! That said, here are some of the pieces I’ve been putting together for the relaunch…

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