So many crazy/cool (though feeling mostly crazy with the heat) things going on over here right now.  My biggest goal is to have at least a soft launch of the new site and the kinks here worked out (yup, there are still kinks over here, in case you didn’t know) before my typography class at Valley College begins on the 27th. Which is coming up really.freaking.soon, eek! In the meantime, I’ve been experimenting with branding my Pinterest boards, opening a Storenvy shop (the “Shopperie,” which will hopefully also be ready for the soft launch), looking for good printing options, talking to kickass developers, chatting with mentors, and generally running around like a madlady. Oh! And I have a totally crazy OkCupid story for y’all later this week, which you might have caught a glimpse of on twitter if you were around tonight. Seriously, the fun never ends.
Speaking of good fun though- here are 2 design shots for you guys from the rebranding efforts. It’s so fun to watch how it’s all progressing, and it’s nice for me to take a step back and look at it out of context once in a while! First one are the branded “board covers” from Pinterest that I’ve color and typographically-coordinated with my rebranding; second is the in-progress Storenvy store that I literally have spent all of 30-40 minutes on tonight- threw in a quick header (so fun!) and a profile pic of my logo, and a quick dummy project and it’s looking great already!

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow- I’ve got a veryinteresting post on cleaning up your social media feeds that I think will interest and benefit all of you- just trust me on this one 😉

pinterest covers


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