Life Listed: Go On a Road Trip

“Over 80% of the Corollas sold in the last 20 years are still on the road today.” I was listening to a show on Hulu last night while I worked and a Corolla commercial came on. They said that line and, no joke, I stopped working and was all “hell yeah, they are!” to no one in particular. My Lil’ Blue is a 1993… and she’s still ticking! (knock on wood.) That got me to thinking about one of my life list items: go on a road trip!


It’s actually a little ironic that going on a roadtrip is on my life list: I like driving an hour or two when it’s just me and the open road, but being in a car for hours on end, being responsible for the safety of my passengers, and potentially having hours of driving through Nowheresville makes me strangely anxious. That all said, I have this fabulously romanticized idea of taking a roadtrip up the 101, or out to Vegas Hunter S. Thompson style (minus the guns and crazy drug trips). It’s like this Americana-inspired notion of taking a trip up the California coast, wind in my hair, big ole sunglasses and rock on the radio. You can picture it, right?

My DREAM car to take a roadtrip in would be a bright red (I know, cop magnet) Spyder because, well, you have to have a red convertible for a dream roadtrip vehicle. Though I wanted a pink Corvette convertible when I was a kid, my tastes have matured since then… slightly. Toyota doesn’t make Spyders anymore (sob!) but man, if I could get my hands on one? Roadtrip time would be on like donkey kong. Oh, and because it gave me an excuse to mess around on Polyvore, I put together a roadtrippin’ outfit, car not included. Easy DIY on the jean shorts, throw on some sunscreen, and you’re good to go (and lookin’ good too!) So if I ever do cross this item off my life list, keep your eyes peeled for the lil’ brunette in the teal shirt and red convertible driving up the 101… oh yeah, that’d be the life.

Roadtrip Style

Who wants to run away to the open road with me?!


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