When Google Docs & Google Web Fonts had a Baby

Disclaimer: If you don’t like fonts, um… why are we friends again? Also, you might want to skip this post in particular.
I’m feeling like a kid in a candy store tonight. A very geeky kid. In a geektastic candy store. You see, I was making a new google doc and was choosing a font for my text, like so:


Thanks to my eagle-eye vision (or extreme boredom), I saw a little box that wasn’t there the last time I made a new doc:

googledocs2::cue maniacal laughter::

Google, don’t you know that giving me the option to add fonts is like… offering crack to a junkie? I had to check it out… purely for research purposes, of course.

googledocs3HOLD ME.

Thanks to the font hoarding enablers at Google, you can now use their webfonts (many of which are quite lovely), in your Google docs. Oh yeah. It’s pretty fantastic.


My mind has officially been blown. Happy Monday, indeed.

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