Toyota CARma

It’s kind of crazy how much our everyday lives are tied in with big companies: Apple phones (and computers and ipads), GE appliances, Fedex/UPS shipping, Google/Facebook/Twitter, etc. One of the best ways that a company can gain my loyalty (aside from great products and service, of course) is their commitment to giving back to the community. That’s why you may have seen me tweeting the last couple weeks about Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good program, something I just discovered on my trip to the Toyota campus.

What’s it all about?

From the 100 Cars for Good site: “Toyota is giving 100 cars over 100 days to nonprofits that could really use a new set of wheels. And voters like you help decide which one gets a new ride every day.” In short, Toyota is having 500 top-notch nonprofits vie for the chance to get one of 100 brand new cars to help their organizations. For 100 days, 5 finalists go head-to-head in a race to get the most votes, with each day’s winner getting a Toyota. This is the second time they’ve done 100 Cars for Good and plan to do more, with 100 cars being given away every time. Think about the number of people impacted by each winning group and multiply that by 200 (by the end of this round). Awesome, right?

Why I love it

Karma (or CARma), baby. It’s all about giving back. Some local dealerships have even used their Toyota matching option– where Toyota will match up to 10k of the local dealership’s donation to a registered 501(c)3 charity– to do things like fill the winners’ cars with supplies, food, clothing, or other items to help the winning charity do even more. Also, the “losers”? Totally aren’t losing out. Each of the runners up (if you do the math, that’s 400 charities) gets $1000. That can make a pretty big difference, especially for a small local group.

Oh, and did you happen to notice the site design? So.freaking.fabulous. Just look at these icons! (I know, design nerd over here.)

toyota 100 cars for good

One more reason that I love the program: unlike other charity contests, like Pepsi Refresh, the 100 Cars for Good contest only has people voting once for a charity. In short, each charity will only have to drum up support for their particular voting day, instead of spending valuable manpower and time on tweets, facebook posts, and phone calls to everyone and their mother for weeks asking for support.


ONE DAY, guys.
ONE DAY and ONE VOTE to change a lot of lives. What are you waiting for? Go vote!


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