A Year of Firsts

Last Friday marked my year anniversary of being back in California. Um, time?  Is that you flying by?  As I was thinking back on this year, it occurred to me that there have been a lot of firsts in the last 365 days.

  • first comedy show (to go see Brock Wilbur!)
  • first business
  • first time temping
  • first-ever Holiday Guide and opportunity to art direct
  • first time passing 100 subscribers on the blog (thanks, guys!)
  • first time living in CA as a non-student, working adult
  • first time having a hotel room all to myself (right now!)
  • first time getting highlights and a facial. Pampering, I love you.
  • first time designing a book proposal- for Broke-Ass Bride, who now has a huge book deal!
  • first time having my work published, in RedheadWriting’s book
  • first time working on a photoshoot
  • first time working on a YouTube shoot
  • first time working for a YouTube channel
  • first time getting a recruitment letter from Google (!)
  • first time going to a design conference (even though it sucked)
  • first time interacting with other designers, on Dribbble
  • first time becoming a regular at a coffee shop
  • first (and hopefully last) time getting pancreatitis
  • first time hiking Fryman (ouch)
  • first time meeting a TON of amazing people from teh internetz in social situations and blogger events
  • first time filing a DBA and opening a biz account
  • first time designing an ecommerce site, logos, infographics, resumes, book title pages… the list goes on
  • first time feeling like… even though I don’t really have it all “together”… I’m still finally starting to figure things out. And it feels mighty good, y’all.

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0 thoughts on “A Year of Firsts”

  1. Kristen - miss prissy paige

    Congrats on the list of firsts – they are so impressive! Can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has to offer in way of firsts!

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