How is it Almost May??

Eesh, it’s been a while since I posted. Not that I didn’t think about it (I’ve got 3 post drafts started and abandoned) but I’ve just been so.freaking.busy. The last week has gone by so quickly, which makes sense when I take a look at it by the hours. Since last Sunday, I’ve spent:

~7 hours driving
~35 hours working in an office in Culver City
~20 hours doing LLY Designs client work
~2 hours having meals with @sammjones, @dianemizota, and @jessebouman –> ok so those were fun hours, but still required me to be semi-alert and act like a regular human being.

I’m almost afraid to get into the dollar amounts of what I’ve spent on gas ($4.15 or so per gallon), coffee ($4.45 or so per), diet coke, and meals on the go. This is the busiest I’ve been since the Holiday Guide— but honestly, it’s kind of amazing. I’m handwashing clothes and eating lean cuisines because I haven’t had time to go to the laundromat/grocery store… and yet I’m getting so much DONE. There’s really something to be said for burying yourself in work when you’re doing something you love, working in an office (!!) with awesome people, and just producing a lot of (mostly) good work. The main reason for the insanity is that I’ve been temping– hence the Culver City commute– at a startup biz as an “on call” graphic designer, if you will. It’s a gig that I took sight-unseen through Creative Circle, a temp staffing agency for creatives, and was the first freelance temp gig I’ve ever had through an agency.

I can’t share with you, yet, what I’ve been working on Culver City. Boo, I know. But after Wednesday, I should be able to share at least some of what I’ve done there and the really cool stuff that we’ve been working on behind closed doors. For now, what I can say is that the experience itself has been a really eye-opening one, in a good way. I’ve been learning, as a designer, how to adjust quickly to new and changing situations where I’m there as an employee, with levels of bosses above me, rather than as a “business” that a company has hired to work side-by-side with them (like I do with branding through LLY Designs, for example). It’s also given me a but of a push to be more confident and stand up for my designs: when I do something, there’s a purpose behind it, and as a designer, it’s up to me to convey that to my client and explain why it’s a good/smart/kickass idea.

And speaking of kickass ideas, this key + carabiner idea is genius (via Uncrate).


You’re welcome 😉 Happy Monday and Happy Almost May (!!)


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