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After participating in last week’s #blogbrunch Twitter chat, I realized that there are a lot of great resources out there to help bloggers spice up their posts that people don’t know about. I’m still a big proponent of hiring a designer for things like site design and branding (y’know, because that’s my business), I think it’s great for bloggers to be able to make changes and fancy up their posts without having to outsource every time. Hopefully, I’ll keep discovering helpful sites so that I can share a bunch more with you in the future, and here are a few of them to get you started today!

1. PuglyPixel

This is probably one of the better-known resources, but still a great one to check out if you have’t already. She’s got post layout templates (some of which I’ve customized and used on here!), lots of freebies, and super affordable members-only downloads. Oh, and easy to follow PS tutorials!

2. Ahoy Graphics

Kristen is a fellow designer (and a friend of mine) who shares tips on branding, packaging, free printables, and great download. Girl knows her stuff!

3. Ten Dollar Fonts

I actually discovered this site yesterday and have been using all of my willpower not to go on a spending spree. Fonts can get super pricey, and sometimes the quality of free fonts just doesn’t cut it. Ten Dollar Fonts bridges that gap, giving you good quality fonts for the price of 2.5 grande lattes. Awesome.
ten dollar fonts

4. Pattern Cooler Editor

Pattern Cooler is a great resource for tiling (repeating) background patterns to use on a blog, cards, or even as a background border behind an image. I’m linking to the editor because it allows you to change the colors of their premade patterns and you can match the colors to your existing color scheme using the rgb/hex codes (woot!)

5. Tutorial- Building Animated GIF’s in Photoshop

Lately, it seems like everyone is using animated GIF’s. Well lucky for you, you don’t have to go to an expensive workshop or take a class to learn how. This tutorial shows you how to do it in photoshop in a few easy steps! I used it for my business card post, and I’ve got to admit, it was pretty fun and totally simple.

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  1. I used Pugly Pixel’s tutorial for animating a gif last week – it was so helpful! Thanks for these links, I can’t wait to try out Pattern Cooler!

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