Dear Pinterest, Just… No.

As I’m sure you’re aware, Pinterest has been growing by leaps and bounds the last couple of months. Despite all sorts of uproar regarding their Terms of Use and potential copyright infringement, the crazy addictive nature of the site has kept users (like yours truly) coming back for their daily fix. One of the most glaring issues with Pinterest, though, is its failure to address some of the most common usability issues and user complaints. Problems like apps crashing, inabilities to delete spammy comments, lack of backup, site downtime, and lack of an iPad app– many of which are relatively easy fixes from a  technical standpoint. Today, instead of fixing the problems many users keep tweeting and blogging about, Pinterest released their new profile pages. While some of the functionality is nice (like the ability to rearrange board order), all I have to say about the new look is… no. And also… for the love of everything that is design holy…why?
New pinterest profiles

File that under: redesigns that didn’t need to happen, along with the Gap logo redesign.

Facebook’s new timeline isn’t looking so bad today, now is it!

ETA: I should mention… if you’re interested in an alternative to Pinterest– well-designed, and working to address all of the issues many of us have with Pinterest– take a look at BO.LT.  I’ve got a nifty feed of my’s juuust to the right of this post in the sidebar (styled to match my blog!) Oh, and let me know if you want an invite 🙂

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0 thoughts on “Dear Pinterest, Just… No.”

  1. I don’t have any issues with free services that redesign their sites. If you don’t like the UI, don’t use it. It’s completely voluntary. We learn to adapt to the new stuff.
    I actually kind of like it now. I didn’t like the old version at all. But it’s all subjective, now, isn’t it?

    1. I get what you’re saying… but people are always going to react to change, be it for a free service (pinterest, facebook, google) or paid (basecamp). My issue with it is more that they did a fugly (in my opinion) redesign of profile pages instead of addressing a lot more important issues… which doesn’t seem like a particularly smart business decision. Maybe it’s because I don’t like the new design, but I also don’t feel like it did anything to improve the overall user experience… whereas fixing a buggy app definitely would, y’know?
      Plus, there’s adaptation, and then there’s just tolerating in terms of design. I know when I go to reddit, I cringe at the design… and definitely have looked for alternatives!

      1. Yeah, they should fix any bugs, of course. I like the new look of it. They didn’t add or take any functionality away, so it seems like a cosmetic and kind of useless update, unless they have more planned for the new layout. I can honestly say I’ve never even been to Reddit, so I can’t say I know what you mean… :O

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