Slacker Alert

Man, every time I start ramping up the blogging again, life happens. Damn life getting in the way of blogging! Though busy is always better than boring, in my book. Here’s what’s been going on in casa de Linz:

  • New clients! I always love getting the chance to start on a completely new project and get my brain working in a totally different direction. The next couple of weeks will be focused on babies, social media recruiting, dating, and interior design. Love the variety.
  • Hot off the presses– my work is in Erika’s book The Power of Unpopular, which is being released the end of March… so exciting!
  • In front of the camera- I got to design invites & printables for a styled shoot this past weekend, which is always a fun way to get out of the studio (aka my apartment) and have fun with friends! Here’s a sneak peek-
  • Living intentionally- This is a biggie for me. I’m working to do as much as I can intentionally, and with a positive outlook. I know- sounds kind of hokey. But I’ve found that working on being more positive in my thinking makes me feel better, both emotionally and physically. And eating intentionally (aka not mindlessly munching in front of the computer) is a big deal for me… and will hopefully help with my weight loss goals too.
  • Forget baby steps- since I’m generally not one to do things half-assed, last week marked the “official” beginning of LLY Designs! I filed for my FBN (aka a DBA) and opened my official business account. I also had the “soft launch” of my portfolio site, though it’s still very much a work in progress-

** I’d love your feedback on the new look! Things you love/hate? **

So there ya have it. What’s new in your worlds?

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