Judge a Book by its Cover

My apartment pretty much looks like a tornado hit it these days. And by that, I mean it looks like a tornado tore through it, leaving only destruction in its path. Or at least, I’m sure that’s how my mom would describe it. Anyways, that’s what happens when I’m stressed annnnd having mystery illness problems- my apartment is the first thing to go by the wayside. Whoops. Add to that the fact that I recently got some gorgeous craft books from Miz Justina Blakeney and the fact that it’s tax time (which means papers everywhereeee) and it’s becoming scary even for me.
To (attempt) to control some of the clutter, I’ve been searching for bookends that might help corral my unruly papers and notebooks that seem to be multiplying like rabbits lately. Here are a few of my faves:

Clockwise from top left: Book End Silver, White Owl Resin Bookends, The End Bookends, Grey Cutout Bookends

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