Weekend Adventures- Photography

Some local museums decided to open their doors for free this weekend, so the parentals and I decided to venture downtown for a little arts & culture. We went to the Annenberg Space for Photography in Century City (near Santa Monica, for you non-locals). I’m not a huge museum person — I’d much rather get hands-on with stuff– but surprisingly, I walked away from the Annenberg entertained and inspired. The current exhibit that they’re housing is called the Digital Darkroom, and it features artists who use both photography and technology (ie, photoshop).
Maybe I’m a little biased, since I use PS on a daily basis, but I was floored by the skill and talent in the artists they showed. Some of the PS editing, I could figure out- a little burn here, a little dodge there, some masking and color overlays. But most of this work left me wondering… “how the heck did they do that?” And of course, made me want to go home and jump on the computer to do some digital art myself.

Here are some of my favorite works from the exhibit:

1. Martine Roche

martine roche
Martine’s works combine photos of pets with vintage photography to create her “characters.” You’ve gotta check out her whole collection, the animals’ faces are so expressive!

Image from martineroche.com

2. Brooke Shaden

So, I’m pretty sure I want to be this girl’s best friend. She’s an LA local and her work is just stunning. I love how she has her models “floating” in many of her pictures (both in air and water).

Image from brookeshaden.com 

3. Maggie Taylor

maggie taylor

One of my all-time favorite movies is Big Fish, and Maggie’s artwork totally makes me feel like I’m watching that movie all over again. She combines high-res scans and digital photos to make amazing digital collages, like her Alice in Wonderland series (above)  This isn’t your grandma’s modpodge, kids.

Image from MaggieTaylor.com

4. Christopher Schneberger

I’d never seen 3D photography done like this until I visited the Annenberg and saw Christopher Schneberger’s work. Seeing them in 2D just doesn’t do them justice; his work is a must-see in person. Christopher’s 3 most recent series feature ghostly apparitions and are truly haunting (pun intended). Definitely a “how did he do that??” artist.

Image from ChristopherSchneberger.com 

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