5 Great Color Inspiration Sites

In the wake of yesterday’s events, I wanted to provide you guys with a few sites/programs you might not have heard of for some wonderful color & artistic inspiration. And even if you do still use CL, it’s always good to have more resources in your arsenal!
Thanks to @adamdannaway  for retweeting a post on some of these this morning.

1. Design-Seeds

It’s no secret that I love DS, especially if you look at my Pinterest boards. What you might not know about DS is that Jessica (the founder) purchases all of the images (+1) and then creates her amazing palettes. She also has a new hex code finder, where you can look up palettes by a color’s hex code! (+2!)

2. Kuler by Adobe

Oh, Adobe, I do love you. Adobe’s Kuler is a website with color pickers, user-generated color palettes, and — the highlight– the ability to create your own palettes and then export them into Adobe’s programs. I’m going to be testing this feature out today!

3. Colorotate

Colorotate is pretty fancy. It lets you create your color palettes and then see them in 3D- which is pretty sweet for people doing non-web design (interiors, anyone?) You can also download their Photoshop plugin, to bring your palettes directly into PS as well.

4. Color Scheme Designer

The great thing about this site is that it lets you choose the type of color palette: monochromatic, complement, triad, analogic, and accented analogic. Once you choose your first color, the rest will be suggested for you based on the type of palette! It’s also got great options for viewing as a color blind person would (helpful for UX people) and lets you download palettes in a variety of formats, including HTML, and for Photoshop or GIMP.

5. Color Collective

Truth be told, I’d forgotten about CC until I was going through my reader looking for inspiration for this post, but damn, I’m glad I found it again! Unlike traditional palette generators, CC creates palettes from gorgeous fashion photos. Inspiring photos, patterns, styling, and of course, colors.


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