Paging Dr. House

Normally when I disappear for a week I write some post to you guys about how I’m really not dead and just busy, etc. This time around? I look and feel like death, so you’re not getting that line again.
Anyways, to recap the last week or so:

  • Thanksgiving in PS with the fam was surprisingly low key (I took two whole days off!) Plus, I got to spend time with my 5-month old cousin… cue baby fever.
  • Speaking of fever, the real thing kicked in Saturday night. Possibly due to USC beating the pants off of UCLA (dear lord).
  • Tuesday, I had a styled wedding shoot for which I designed the invitations, photographed by my friend and amazingly talented Becca Rillo. Funnily enough, the “bride” was a girl I’d gone to high school with– small world, indeed.
  • I ordered Thai food a lot. Mainly because between that and thanksgiving leftovers, that was all I had left to eat. Last night, I put out a call to le twitters to stage a pad see ewntervention. Get on that, will ya?
  • Work has been crazy, especially because thinking too hard right now makes my brain hurt, and hurty brain is no good.
  • Oh! And I hired a developer. Fingers and toes crossed that he works out. In another small world story, I met him through my ex (dun dun dun).. they were fraternity bros. Courtney rocks though, so at least there’s one good thing to come out of that fiasco.
God, so much rambling. A couple of things that have made me a very happy (albeit still very sick girl) this week.
Softest sweatshirt EVER. I’ve been living in this since I got sick, no joke. It makes the world feel a little bit more face-able when you can’t breathe. <3 my CryWolfclothing pals!
DamnYouAutoCorrect has posted their top 25 autocorrects from this year. Oh dear sweet baby jesus. Don’t read these if you’re sick, because you will cough your brains out like I did. Actually, it’s totally worth it. Read it and laugh your ass off.
 You’ve GATO a Phone Call holder— dudes, it’s sold out, but I love this. Especially because my darling dearest real cat likes to push things (phone included) off of the desk. Modcloth,  you are dangerous.
And one last thing? These Penguin fabric-bound books are on Fab. Again. Tempting my wallet. AGAIN. Seriously though, someday I want a library– or at least an office–lined with books of this ilk, plus gorgeous vintage tomes (or at least vintage-looking). Yup, I’m waxing poetic about book jackets. I love my iPad but damn, there’s nothing quite like a good book. Le sigh.
I plan on working and sleeping and getting better this weekend. Anyone going to holiday parties already? Last minute vacations?

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