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Yesterday, I had the great fortune of getting to hear the lovely miss Erin from Well in LA  speak on getting a work/life balance. I know, work/life WHAT? Balance, I don’t need no stinkin balance!
Oh wait. Mayyybe I do. As part of her talk, she mentioned being productive and mono-tasking to actually get.shit.done… so when I got home last night I decided to look at what tools might help me better focus, get things done quicker and more effectively. I realized there were a few apps that I had already (or that were super cheap) that I should be using on a daily basis to help manage my life and my business… and I thought I’d share the wealth with you all 🙂

1. Freshbooks

I use Freshbooks as an “all-in-one” estimating/billing/time-tracking (for billable hours) application. I haven’t used the iphone app, but the website is great. You can have up to 5 clients on their free version, which is great if you don’t have more than 5 clients that you need to be billing at a time (aka- for me!)

2. TeuxDeux


I think this was the first paid app that I got- I’m a huge fan of this To Do List app. Gorgeous interface (thanks to the ever so talented SwissMiss & co.) and what I love even more than its minimalist aesthetic is that you can “cross” items off your list, and the ones that don’t get crossed off carry over to the next day.

3. Pinterest


Pinterest as a productivity tool? Say what?! No, really. I love it for inspiration and procrastination, but I also love love love pinterest for creating individual Pin Boards for my client projects. I know interior designers and event planners who use it in a similar way, and with Pinterest’s new “contributor” function, you can add your clients as contributors to your boards (so they can add their own pins!)

4. CardMunch


I love going to big conferences and networking events, but it’s such a royal pain going through all of the business cards after and tracking everyone down. CardMunch is a free app, integrated with LinkedIn, that digitzes your business cards (just snap a picture!)

5. PaperPhobic


Even the name of this app, PaperPhobic, is spot-on. I haaate doing accounting. PaperPhobic helps me with the mess of receipts that tend to pile up– in my purse, my car, on my desk, on the floor– by digitizing my receipts. BRILLIANT.

There you have it, my top 5. Others include Agenda (calendar syncing and oh so pretty), Google Docs (of course), Pandora (gotta keep the tunes going), Mr. Sketch (for when I don’t have paper), and Waze (a fun talking GPS so I can make it to meetings).

What are your top apps to help with your work/life struggles? I can use all the suggestions you might have 🙂

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