5 Things I Learned– Bloggy Bootcamp Boston Edition

Thanks to winning an awesome contest over at UnexperiencedMom, I had the very great opportunity to attend my second ever blogging contest yesterday: Bloggy Bootcamp Boston! Run by the SITS Girls and my Twitter love @tiffanyrom, Bloggy Bootcamp is a one-day, well, bootcamp, for bloggers of all genres and skill levels that is jam packed with so much useful information!
I can’t reveal all of the top secret tips we learned yesterday, but I thought I’d share with you the 5 top things I took away from the conference.

  1. Branding (led by Amy)- If your role on the web (made up of your distinguishing characteristics, guiding principles, and promise) isn’t TOTALLY unique, scrap it. Make it yours. This wasn’t an easy one for me to wrap my brain around but it makes so much sense. Think about the super successful bloggers- even if they’re just “lifestyle” bloggers, they’ve made their blog uniquely THEIRS.
  2. Branding– This one was huge and applicable in pretty much every aspect of life: Don’t back down once you decide your brand! and If you know your brand, you will be unshakeable!
  3. Content (led by Erica)- use google trends to find keywords with lots of views but not a lot of competition, and then use them in your content, picture tagging, meta tags, etc. It will help your SEO!
  4. Pitching (led by Carol)- definitely the most eye-opening section for me, since I’ve never done a non-job pitch. Rule Numero Uno? Focus on what’s in it FOR THE BRAND. Not what’s in it for you.
  5. Pitching– This is huge: You’re not asking a brand to “sponsor” you. You’re asking them to HIRE you. Oh, and don’t beg/plead/whine.


I know that this is just a veeery brief rundown of some pretty major topics, but hopefully you’ll get at least one takeaway from these awesome takeaways that I got! Also, Tiffany is pretty. And no, she didn’t pay me to say that 😉

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